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  • Serge Payette

    Hi Matthew,

      Indeed, unless I'm missing something you won't be able to set a specific tag to each of the different message types you're sending as tags applies to the whole rule (auto or trigger) while - thanks to the Randomizer script - various e-mail bodies can be send from that very same rule.

      Here's something that can be of assistance to you, it's obviously not the answer you're waiting for but it might bring you one step closer.

      > Add an action to the existing rule where another e-mail would be send internally with the very same e-mail body sent to the requester.  Therefore the randomizer / modulo will pick-up the same message.

      > The next step would be to sort messages from e-mail body, this could be easily done with Outlook wizard rules.  This isn't a very nice solution though, I guess (hope ?) that there's a tool out there that generates stats from keywords within e-mail body, if not it'll require manual work to get reliable data (daily, weekly, monthly msg types being sent).

      The below snippet gives you a brief overview of the rule actions to address the notifications.  Note that instead of an Agent you could decide to send the notification to an external e-mail addr using this method.




  • Jennifer Rowe
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Thanks for helping, Serge!


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