Reporting on Dollar Value per Time Spent on a Ticket


  • Ricardo
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    Hello, Stephanie,

    In order to proceed and troubleshoot your issue, I have created a ticket in Zendesk :).

    Best regards.

  • Daniel Blanco
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    I've run into a similar issue.  I've created several new metrics and it allows me to add them to the global metrics.  But when I try to actually use the metric in a report every single one of the 'how' metrics is greyed out; it's like the created metric is disassociated with any attribute at all.  If I proceed with creating a report I get the "improprer metric definition" error.

    Here's an example:

    SELECT # Ticket Updates WHERE Ticket Tag [Ticket Tag]=sca_assignment

    and another:

    SELECT # Calls abandoned in voicemail WHERE Ticket Tag [Ticket Tag]=s_support_type_premium_plus

    Can you please help?

  • Becca
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    Hi Daniel-

    Without taking a look at your Zendesk I can't say for certain, however my best educated guess as to the cause of this issue is what the metric is filtering on and it's interaction with the data model.

    The error "Report not computable due to improper metric definition" is most often due to something in the definition for the metric, that disagreed with the other attributes selected in that report. Instead of reporting on nonsensical data, Good Data shows an error in the report.

    In Gooddata, the ability to build reports is dependent on how the various objects interact with each other. In other words, the data model is structured in such a way that certain metrics need other metrics to be used in a report to "communicate" with each other and render correctly.

    A example of this is customer satisfaction data; the common element between satisfaction data, for example ticket assignee or status, is ticket id. You cannot report on the status of a customer satisfaction ticket without using the ticket id metrics in the report. There's more on the data model here:

    Further, I did notice you are reporting on tags. Tag reporting can be tricky in Insights due to the many-to-many relation of tags to tickets i.e. one ticket can have many tags. I'd recommend taking a look at our tag reporting resource that includes information on building custom tag metrics:


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