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  • Justin Helley
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    Hello Helmut! Welcome to the Community :)

    There's no built-in way to convert the epoch minutes of Ticket Created at (minutes) into a DD/MM/YYYY format.  The epoch timestamp is used as a differential in order to calculate the time between two events.  An example would be  Assigned at (minutes) - Ticket Created at (minutes) in order to report on the amount of time it's taking (in minutes) for a ticket to be assigned since creation.

    It may be possible, but the amount of conditional metric work you'd need to do would be enormous.  If you need to get the exact minute/hour a ticket is created, I'd recommend using a site like  I'd be interested in seeing if anyone else in the community shares the same use case and has found a solution, though!

  • Raluca-Maria Andrusca
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    I was trying to include in one of my reports the exact time  when a ticket was raised, and also when the first response happened on that specific ticket.(preferred format hh:mm) like the way I can actually find it in the ticket history (see below screen shoot). I know the previous comment was added in 2015 but maybe things have changed since then. Is there a way to determine the exact time of an action within my reports?


    Thanks in advance!

  • Rebecca
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    Hi Raluca-Maria,

     At this time, it is not possible to report on the exact time of day a ticket was created in Insights or of the first reply. The most granular time reporting Insights can do is the hour a ticket was created: 

    If the exact time is required, the best option for this would be using our Core API ticket metrics endpoint to pull ticket data including the exact time of ticket creation and reply: 

    Along the same lines, the CSV export under Admin settings > Manage > Reports is another option for ticket creation time data. 

  • Graeme Carmichael
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    This is just for fun.

    You can take Ticket Created at (minutes) and format it to look like the time a ticket was created. In the number format editor use:


    You may have to adjust for time-zone\ daylight savings.

  • Jennifer Rowe
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    I love fun stuff! :)

    Thanks, Graeme.


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