JIRA & Zendesk plugin: How to configure fields and default values?


  • Justin Helley

    Hi Clara!

    jira_escalated is built into the integration and currently cannot be changed; however, it shouldn't be deleted from your issues!  I just tested in an OnDemand account and was able to apply "jira_escalated" successfully (and other tags with the underscore).  I'd be interested to see if there's another mechanism at play which is preventing the label from sticking to issues (such as a workflow or another rule).

    Mapping custom fields between Zendesk & JIRA may be possible through workflows, but isn't something that is supported by the product or advocate team.  I'd be curious to hear from other customers if they've been able to implement custom field mappings with the OnDemand integration, but I haven't personally seen it yet.

  • Martin Gibson

    +1 the ability to be able to change the jira_escalated label. I have also put in a request for the ability to be able to send/attach files from JIRA back into Zendesk. It would be really appreciated if the add-in developers could add this funcationality :)

  • Sean O'Hara

    It would be very powerful to be able to configure what labels match or not, and which get auto appended or not.


    Taking this a step further, it would be awesome if you could choose preconfigured labels to auto-add to the jira upon creation, based on a variety of things, or have multiple labels applied based on ZD fields, similar to a field mapping

  • Karie Wohlgemuth

    I created a custom field to sync the JIRA issue number back into the ticket.  This when I can export the view of issues escalated to JIRA and have the ticket number and the JIRA number to review with my engineering team.  However, I've noticed that in a small percentage of tickets, the JIRA number doesn't carry back over to Zendesk.  Has anyone else had this issue? I can't figure out the rhyme or reason why some have the JIRA number and others don't. We're on JIRA 6.2.

  • Zendesk Support

    @Karie it looks like you are using the JIRA legacy integration, rather than the latest Zendesk for JIRA integration. While custom mappings may be configured, they are not guaranteed to work. Custom mappings are not supported by Zendesk Support because they can corrupt the ticket sharing agreement and cause the integration to break. I would recommend removing all mappings and mapping schemes then re-adding them using the JIRA > Admin > Connections > Wizard, then check to see if you still have issues with the sync.

  • Karie Wohlgemuth

    @Jeremy does the latest Zendesk for JIRA integration support JIRA 6.2 on premise? If we remove our existing integration and re-do it in the new integration, what will happen to all of our existing ticket mappings?

    Also, is there a field I can pull from to create a report to show all of the tickets I've escalated? (I know there is a view, but I can't find how to pull that data into a report so that I can pull some additional data and trends). 


  • Megan Howell

    @Karie The latest version of the integration only supports 7.0 and above!


    As for reporting, your best bet is to build a report off of the tag "jira_escalated" as that is the tag that is applied to tickets shared to JIRA. See more about reporting on tickets with certain tags here: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/203664306-Insights-tag-reporting-Reporting-on-tickets-with-one-or-more-tags-Professional-and-Enterprise- 


    Hopefully this helps!

  • David Stevenson


    I have a somewhat related question about this label.  Will there be any side-effects to removing this label from the JIRA items?  My JIRA team use views that include labels, and normally this is a single label.  They would like to remove the jira_escalated label, but I assume it is included for a reason?



  • Lorraine S.

    +1 to David's question above, mostly because Jira triggers  an email to everyone involved just for adding the tag as an "update" to a ticket which is a little annoying... 

    Is there a way for the tag to be removed altogether? It's not crucial for our workflow for the tag to exist in either Jira or Zendesk.


  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey David and Lorraine!

    I'm getting in touch with some of our JIRA experts to get this answered for you!

  • Andrew Dietrich

    Hi David & Lorraine,

    Unfortunately there isn't a method to prevent the jira_escalated label from being added, it's hard-coded into the integration. I don't forsee any problems with manually removing it once the issue has been created, though it's possible the integration might re-add it later on.

    You might consider adding feedback on this on our Product Feedback community topic:


    The JIRA integration devs check the topic regularly, so they would be sure to read about your needs and may  even reach out themselves.

  • Dolev Zemer



    just wanted to add that we also are having a hard time with the "jira_escalated" label/tag

    it informs everyone when it's added, it informs when removed and again when the system re-sticks it on the issue.


    any chance to resolve this ? 

  • Benjamin Towne

    Hey Dolev,

    Is Zendesk or JIRA sending the notification?

    I have a feeling it's JIRA that is sending the notification emails.

    You would want to modify your Notification settings on the JIRA side of things to prevent it from sending out a notification when labels are changed on an Issue.

    This unfortunately isn't something that we can change for you being it's a setting within JIRA.

    There are currently no plans on removing/disabling the feature of the integration that adds the "jira_escalated" label from issues linked to Zendesk Tickets.

  • Owen


    I just wanted to see if there was any movement on customizing the label appended to Jira issues that are linked to Zendesk.

    We would love to re-label "jira_escalated" as something like "user-feedback" (all of our labels use hyphens instead of underscores so this forces us to break convention).

    All the best.

  • David Gillespie

    Hi Justin,

    I've just taken over as Product Manager for the Jira integration.

    There hasn't been any movement on the removal, customising or renaming of label appended to the Jira issue, but we are collecting feedback on the integration as a whole and I've added this a candidate feature.



  • Dan Cooper

    Hi David, 

    Glad to see that you are taking feedback on the label being appended to the Jira issue.  I would like to add that we are interested in editing the label as well. 

    The jira_escalated tag has a few problems as I see it: 

    1. It is not contextually correctly. Linked tickets aren't always sent to Jira as an escalation. We track field feedback and sometimes that is just aggregating data for potential feature requests vs an actual problem that needs attention. 

    2. Not everyone in Jira is a Zendesk user.  The label as is doesn't indicate it is linked to Zendesk, it just makes it look like someone flagged the issue as an escalated issue.

  • Kyle Paulson

    Spot on Dan! Thanks for posting. I concur!

    I suggest something like "support_ticket_attached"

    I tend to link jira issues to zendesk more for documentation purposes and less for escalation purposes. I like to be able to track end user feedback on issues and don't always push the jira tickets up for an immediate fix.

    Should also say I am grateful there is at least some kind of label.


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