Anyone use Lotus Themes?



  • Wes Drury

    @Brian - I personally don't use them(since I create and design my own) but I have seen some Zendesk Help Centers that use them.  I know they have some good quality themes as long as you don't mind that it may look exactly like another Help Center out there.

    You can also look at  - You can find some free and some paid for themes there.

    I also have a few responsive themes for free that you can find over in the Help Center Tips and Tricks Page.

    My services are a little different as I normally get contacted to create unique themes based off the company's brand.  If you are looking for something custom then shoot me an email at

    Hopefully I've given you some different options to consider.  No matter what option you choose you will be in good hands.  If you have any additional questions just let me know and best of luck to you.

  • Diziana

    Hey Wes, 

    Thanks for introducing us. We are glad. :)

    @Brain, You can try few of our free and premium themes available at 

    We also offer theme branding and customization services. 

    We also have an extensive library of plugins that would add custom support to your HC.

    We also offer annual maintenance plan.

    For more details ping us at

  • Mike Schepker

    We use a theme from Lotus themes. The design is great and their support is fantastic. I highly recommend them. 

  • Liri Raviv

    Very much agree with the above.

    I am now using LotusThemes and they are great. The templates are clean and clear and they are supporting me every step of the way. Definitely recommended. 

  • You can find some help centers branded and customized by Lotus Themes in the portfolio. They are based on ready-made themes but look absolutely unique and meet individual customer needs. 

    Zendesk also uses our themes for their internal help centers. Have a look at one of them.


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