Field Sets based on custom field value


  • Colin Piper

    @Jerome, this is only possible if you have separate custom fields for each possible value. So if the maximum number of PCs was 5 for example you would then need 5 custom fields for the OS values. 

    The first field would need to be a dropdown and not just a numeric field. 

    If you are still interested then you would be using a conditional field app that makes fields visible based upon the value of a control field; in your case the number of PCs

    Does this sound like what you want?

  • Jerome Mills

    So it would be like 

    1. Computer 1 OS (single line text field)
    2. Computer 1 Anti-Virus software (single line text field)
    3. Computer 2 OS (single line text field)
    4. Computer 2 Anti-Virus software (single line text field)
    5. Computer 3 OS (single line text field
    6. Computer 3 Anti-Virus software (single line text field)


  • Colin Piper

    Yes. Hopefully your customer does not have 99 computers :)

    There are two conditional fields apps in the marketplace. The first one is developed in house by Zendesk but is only available on the enterprise plan. 

    The alternative is part of a commercial offering from Cloudset. Personally I use this one and the one off cost has been well worth it for me. 


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