Custom Ticket Field - Dropdown adds Tags?


  • Colin Piper

    Robert, the dropdown field does rely on a tag, you cannot do away with it. Sorry.

  • Robert Rawlins

    No problem Colin, just thought I would check. Thanks for the advice.

  • Serge Payette


      What's the name of that app ?  One thing you could do, as a workaround, would be to create a trigger rule where the undesired tags are removed in order to keep your tickets clean.


  • Matt Winer

    Is there any way to add multiple tags associated with a custom field dropdown.? I've tried space and comma separated.  No luck.

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk team member

    Hey Matt!

    Each option can only have one tag associated with it. What you could do, though, is set up a series of triggers to fire when a ticket is updated with each of those menu selections, which will automatically add the additional tags needed.

  • Vincent Nonnenmacher

    This is VERY annoying !

    As their is two distinct type 'dropdown' and 'tagger' it should be possible to have ticket fields
    that are just drop-down list and do not participate in the cluttering of the 'Tags' area.

    Or have a special option inside the Ticket API, to selectively 'break' this behaviour,
    so adding a ticket by API, could allow NOT to generate this 'tag' addition.


  • Dov Cohn

    The Tag+Field Value lock up is a terrible design. I have a field that is a list of states. I can't tag a ticket with multiple states because those tags are seen only as Field values.


  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for the feedback, Dov. 

  • Alan Canode

    This does dilute the usefulness of the tags field.

  • Bo Wannerberg

    Seriously Zendesk, this really makes the otherwise excellent tag field more or less useless! Really bad architecture decision by Zendesk!! It seems as you HAVE to use the tag field to store the selected dropdown value?

    What makes you so sure that it is that dropdown that should be used for categorising?

    Make it possible NOT repeat NOT to make tagging from dropdowns mandatory! 

    If someone needs them, fine. If I want to use the tag field for something really useful, please do not for force me to clobber the field with useless dropdown tags.


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