Missed chat with visitor response


  • Darwin Cruz

    Hi Jeremy!

    Missed chats tickets when replied to will be sent to the email that the user registered to.  With this, when they reply to the email, you will be able to continue the conversation with the customer within the ticket and the user will be receiving updates on their email.

  • Loke Lamhauge Barrett

    Hi guys,

    I have a few questions concerning missed chats, which I can't quite figure out. 🙂

    It's great that we receive tickets in Zendesk, if we should miss a chat - we have a set up where we ask the customer to leave his name and email address, so we can get back to them.

    The thing is, sometimes a person opens the chat, writes something, and then leaves in a matter of seconds, where it is not possible for our agents to react, before the chat is "missed".

    Another case is where a customer begins a chat outside of "business hours". It's perfect that they can get in contact with us, but is there some way to make it so that these won't get registred as "misses".

    About this, I'm worried that inquiries outside of business hours shouldn't get registred as "misses", but perhaps they end up this way if an agent has forgotten to log out of the Zendesk chat, so it seems like we are available when it's not actually the case?

    Our agents doesn't have to be at the office at all hours, so sometimes they're logged on remotely through your app. That's great, but it seems that they "forget" to log off when using the app more frequently than when they just use Zendesk on a desktop.

    So basically, I wondering if there's anything we can do, so our "numbers" end up being more representative in regards to the way we're actually performing. We miss a lot of chats, but that's not really the case...

    And, if it seems like we're available at all hours, if someone forgets to log out, will we screw up our numbers in that regard as well?

    I'm sure there's some automations or tags I'm missing, but I'm also wondering if there's some way we can get a better read on our current stats.

    Best regards, Loke

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Loke & Jeremy -

    You might have better luck getting answers to these questions over in the Chat Help Center since more Chat users hang out over there.


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