Newbie post - Can my users be automatically logged in to Zendesk as "End-users"


  • Ben Saffran

    Hello Nigel,

    Welcome to Zendesk! I'm glad that you are here! :)

    This is something that you can do. If this is just a web application the easiest way would be to use SSO to log your users into Zendesk. You could then have everything tied to one login for your users. They would then just have to click on the "new user guide" option and they would be taken to the user guide and the content would then be hidden to unauthenticated users.

    Please see the below links for our articles on Setting up SSO with JWT or with SAML.

    This should help you get started. Let us know if you have any other questions!



  • Nigel Dalton Brown

    Hi Ben, thanks for the reply and pointing me in the right direction.

    Based on earlier recommendations from friendly community,  I'm on Team subscription,.......... so, phew,  I can use your suggestion of JWT-JSON etc,

    Had a look at the article and wow! looks like I can send across tags with every login.  That's going to help a lot in setting permissions.

    Very many thanks



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