What is "recent activity"?


  • Claire Miller
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    Hi Laura,

    You are correct! Recent Activity should be pulling in recent activity, I believe it is set to pull in data from the Community by default, so if there isn't anything in your Community yet, then there wont be any recent activity.

    You can edit where your Help Center pulls in this recent activity from using the Advance Helpers from our Help Center Templates doc:

    The location of actual code snippet for this depends on which theme you're using, but more likely than not, it's probably placed towards the bottom of the Home page section when you go into Customize Design > Edit Theme. This is a screenshot of where it is on my own test account:

  • Laura Fu
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    Thank you. This helps a little, but I'm still confused.

    Our CTO hired a designer, so our page has a custom look. I never touch the code myself. But I do recall something about the "Community", for which we have nothing, so I turned it off by following instructions I found in this help portal.

    So if I have the "Community" disabled, shouldn't it just not show anything, even a header for "recent activity", since the code is telling it to show the community but there is no community?

    The screenshots were extremely helpful, I found that section, but I'm hesitant to touch our guy's code until I understand what it means.

    Thank you kindly for your advice,


  • Colin Piper
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    @Laura, if you never want the recent activity then you can remove the placeholder {{recent_activity}} from the code. Depending how how the stylesheet was changed, this may remove the pale box or may leave it let; I would expect it to go but if not then a little more work will be required.

    Have a go. Delete the line then click the Preview button before you save anything. If t does what you want then great, save and publish.

  • Laura Fu
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    Thank you both!

    Colin: I found an entire section at the bottom. I deleted it and now the empty box is gone. I liked that I could preview it before publishing to make sure I was deleting the right section. It's looks good now. Thanks!

    It's just odd that even though within the admin dashboard I disabled "Community" (by deselecting the checkbox), it still appears here in the code, thus pulling up an empty white box. Hakuna Matata.

    <div class="community">
    {{#if help_center.community_enabled}}
    {{t 'community'}}
    {{#link 'community'}}
    {{t 'browse'}}
    {{recent_activity scope='community'}}


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