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    Brian Beck
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Sue,

    You're correct. If an agent goes offline for Zendesk Voice, calls will not route to them until they go back online. When a customer places a call to your Zendesk, we do a check to see what agents are online and available to take a call -- if an agent is offline, the system will ignore them when attempting to route the call. 

    As an additional note, there are other cases where an agent will be ignored for routing of a call:

    • If the agent is currently in wrap-up mode, a call will not route to them until they've exited wrap-up mode (but the call will wait in the queue until the time limit, in this case).
    • If the agent has had the same call offered to them previously and they declined it

    Let me know if you have any more questions about Zendesk Voice -- I'd be happy to help out!

  • Susan Green

    Hi Brian, thanks for your quick response.  So to clarify, can an agent have calls routed to them even if they do not have their computer switched on, have registered online previously and are only accessible via their mobile phone?  If that is the case, how do they set this up? 

    So to clarify, if an agent rejects any one call, that won't route through to them again?

  • Brian Beck
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Sue!

    For the first, that is something that can be done. If you go online for Zendesk Voice with Agent Forwarding as the selected option for Voice, you can close the entire browser window (not the tab) and that user will stay online for forwarded calls. Note that if you do use this workflow, you should disable wrap-up time or set it to a limited amount of time. If you leave wrap-up mode on, the agent will have no way to go out of it, so they will only be able to receive a single call. Also note that this is a very specific workflow -- closing the tab or shutting down the computer (before closing the browser window in its entirety) will cause this to not work.

    As for the call rejection issue -- if an agent rejects a call, then that specific call cannot route to them again, but future calls will still be able to route appropriately. The rejection only prevents the current call from being routed back to an agent that has already rejected it, and this does not apply to future calls that come in.

    If there's anything else we can help with, please don't hesitate to ask!


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