Multiple user issues using Zendesk in Microsoft Edge browser



  • Jessie Schutz
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    Hi Cathy!

    I did some hunting around on this, and what I was able to find out is that due to limitations in the browser, we're not able to do the necessary automated product testing in order to support it's use with Zendesk. Basically, we can't test Zendesk in the browser to make sure it's going to work correctly, and until we're able to do that we won't be able to support it.

    Our QA team is in contact with the appropriate people so we can keep tabs on browser updates as they come out. I've cc'd myself on the internal ticket where we're discussing this and I'll try to update this post when more information is available.

  • Keith Roe
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    FYI, I sent them an e-mail as suggested.  I was told to submit it to the Product Feedback discussion forum (link they sent was in Spanish -- obviously from a macro).  Tickets submitted by users of Edge Browser GNDN (Goes Nowhere and Does Nothing).  This is a very frustrating little round-about.  Send an email, get a referral to the forum.  Submit on the forum, suggest you send an e-mail.

    All we want is our users to not be able to submit a ticket or be told that Edge browser is not supported.  Ticket submissions should not go into limbo -- ever!  And your customers should not have to pay for an enhancement to get your product to work (as was suggested to me).


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