Choosing a headset for Zendesk Talk


  • Fernando Pimenta

    Hi Laura,

    I tested many headsets to some call center companies. As you, I tested Logitech, Microsoft and Plantronics.

    After some tests and feedbacks from users, the big champion was the Plantronics (both wired and wireless).

    Plantronics 300 Series is designed for intense use. Good durability, design and clear sound.

    I have a Backwire C310 for my remote support. Very good performance.

    I don't know if you've done it, but about the environment noise reduction, note that you can cancel the input sound captured from internal Mic as below (System preferences > Sound > Input):

    Additionally, you can configure the output volume fro your Plantronics Headset:

    Well, this is my experience with headsets for a large support team.
    Good luck with your choices!

  • Jose Virgilio Paras

    This is interesting Laura, I hope we'll be able to find a unit for the Manila support team as well. I'll check and see what would be the people's choice :)

  • Brad Harris

    This is great Laura, thank you.

    We will be rolling out Zendesk Talk in the next couple weeks to 10-12 agents. I like the idea that we can use regular headphones with a microphone to facilitate calls and use the same units to test audio on our cameras/footage for troubleshooting with customers.  One of the options that I really liked were the Skullcandy Grind Wireless, though, they are bluetooth but have an AUX wired cable option as well.  I know in the Best Practices article, bluetooth is not recommended... BUT, have you or your teams had any personal experience with bluetooth headsets and whether or not if the cons do outweigh the pros...?

  • Darwin Vasquez

    @jose: Hi, Jose. I'm interested to know what unit have you found most favorable location-wise. Have you figured this out yet?

  • Jose Virgilio Paras

    @darwin, Sorry to get back very late. Honestly, we had some difficulty to find a good headphone to use. We did settle for Apple earpods, as from the feedback we got from our colleagues, quality is good and convenient for them as well. But the earpods has no fancy stuffs like noise cancelation. So calls are usually taken from meeting rooms. 

  • Lars Ravnholdt Frederiksen


    Is there any headsets on the market for PC's that supports the function where you can pick up the call from the headsets buttons ??

    // Lars


  • Lisa Siragusa

    I am interested to know if anyone has found a good corded USB headset that has inline controls (answer/end, volume, mute) where you have been able to sucessfully use all the buttons (especially answer/end)?


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