Help Center REST API Cache?


  • Matt Hoffman

    Jason and I ended up conversing through a ticket, but I'm just posting here in case anyone else comes across this post.

    The /api/v2/help_center/articles endpoint should return the most up-to-date information, though it will be paginated if you have a lot of articles.

    The /api/v2/help_center/search endpoint may have a few minute delay on new articles due to indexing, but will return the results that match your query (with promoted articles first).

  • CodeNinja

    Hi Matt,


    i'm facing the same issue "cache" issue, i'm getting the published articles 4-10 minuters after the publish, and i'm using this two APIs:





    this is probably related to cache-control?
    can you please advice what should i do to get the recent articles without any delay?

    Thanks in advance
  • Matt Hoffman

    Hi @Codeninja - I have created a ticket with our Support team to look into this. It would be helpful if you can provide them with some specific timestamps/API calls and the responses that you get back.

  • lamps

    @Codeninja @MattHoffman any updates on this please? I’m facing he same delay in detecting new articles using the same endpoints mentioned by CodeNinja. Thanks.

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi lamps - 

    I read through the ticket that Matt referred to, and it looks like we were never able to replicate the problem and then Codeninja didn't respond to our requests for more information, so a resolution was never discovered.

    Normally I don't like to ask people to switch channels, but I think this question may be best resolved in a 1:1 troubleshooting setting, so I encourage you to email for further assistance with this issue.


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