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  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hi Eric!

    I wouldn't recommend having two Orgs with the same email domain associated with it because it has the potential to get really messy, especially on new user creation.

    Can you give me more detail about your use case and what you're trying to accomplish with your Orgs? We might be able to come up with a cleaner solution for you.

  • Eric Benson

    We are a very unique case. An online school. We service the state of ND and the world. Our teachers share the same email domain with the rest of the teachers in the state. So whenever we get a new ticket from a non employee ND state teacher it adds them to our Org. We also have a small group of sub contracted employee teachers that I was going to create a new Org for. But they are using the same state email domain. After learning how it works and thinking. I'm guessing the only way to do it is to have 2 Orgs with the email domain blank and manually add users to them? If that is so, any dis-advantages of that?

    Thank you,

  • Eric Benson

    I was able to move users with email domain listed on 1st org to a 2nd org with no email domain listed. But I was not able to remove users with that email domain from 1st org (so they would not be in an org at all) so that tells me if I don't want those users in the first or 2nd org I will have to create a 3rd org with no email domain and move them in there. It would be nice if there was an option to turn off auto adding/removing users to an org just because of the email on the user.


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