Insights - My dashboard scheduled emails


  • Carly Britton

    With a little bit more searching around the community I have found this in GoodData.

  • Christian Osbahr

    Could you provide a small pointer to where?

  • Karen Stephen

    I, too, would like to see more...

  • Greg - Community Manager
    Zendesk Developer Support

    Hey everyone! It seems like Carly is in a good place, but I'll share this with anyone else that comes along here:

    Just to start, even though your dashboards do show up in Zendesk under Reporting > Insights, you'll want to make the following changes by going to GoodData.

    Navigate to Manage > Emailing Dashboards > Select the dashboard that is in question and then you'll see the list of current emails, as well as having the ability to modify those!

  • Roald Andersen

    Hi I am not able to edit the current schedules neither. Having followed steps above, I could only delete or create new. Just cannot edit the current schedules. Please adise


  • Chris Stock
    Community Moderator

    Hi Roald Andersen - only the 'Global Schedules Created Through Manage Page' can be edited, the 'Private Schedules Created on Dashboard' can only be deleted, they can't be edited.


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