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    Tiffany Green
    Zendesk team member

    I wanted to hop on in case anyone is still following the thread. We've launched a v2 version of the Tag Locker app, fully supported by Zendesk (unlike the old Labs apps). Currently, it is offered as a free app, and there will be additional features offered later as part of several paid tiers. 


    Hope this is helpful and let us know if you have any questions! 

  • Joel Hellman

    Hi Tom

    I have the latest version installed as well, have the same behavior; pretty sure it is a bug.

    I will do a pull request when I have the time with a propsed fix. Or its possible that Zendesk will see this, and fix this themselves before I get to it.


  • Tom Stephenson

    Excellent, thanks, Joel.

    Apologies in advance for only somewhat on-topic followup questions.  

    I just checked out GitHub and as a business user didn't realize how many Labs apps there were there.  Who "controls" the code for an App like Tag Locker: is it all community members or ZenDesk?  Could a user download and fix it themselves?

    And, how does a "Labs" app get promoted as "Production"? (If they ever do)

  • Joel Hellman

    You can certainly get the code from the repos, modify as you like, and upload as a private app in your own Zendesk.

    Or if you want to contribute back, you could fork the repo, make your change and do a pull request. I'm not sure of Zendesks practices for pull requests, but my guess is, a good fix or improvement would be pulled in by Zendesk, ultimately updating the app in the marketplace to the benefit of all customers.

    A benefit of installing an app through the marketplace, as opposed to downloading it yourself from the repos and uploading as a private app, seems to be that you can benefit from auto-updates, as Zendesk improves or fixes stuff in the app. Not sure on the details of how this works.

    You can read more at developer.zendesk.com/apps too, it has information about building and publishing apps, and more.

  • Sandra Castellanos


    Is the tag locker app using Apps Framework V2?

    Thank you

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk team member

    Hey Sandra!

    I mentioned this in the Out of Office app thread as well; at this time there are no plans to upgrade the Zendesk Labs apps to the v2 framework. That said, for the time being, those apps will still work for you as long as you install them from the Marketplace.

  • Max McDaniel

    Hi Jessie, I wanted to follow up on your last note about the Tag Locker app not being upgraded to v2 framework. We have been noticing difficulty managing the app lately and wondering if that could be the cause. If you believe it could be, can you provide any info about the expected affects of not being upgraded to the current framework might be? Trying to understand if we need to abandon the app or not. 

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Max! 

    I'm checking with our Developer Support team to see if they can hop in here to give you more particulars. Stand by!

  • Joey

    Hi Max-

    I cannot be certain what the specific effects will be if not upgraded to v2, given the nature of our deployment process. I would expect, as it sounds like you have seen, the app begin to lose certain functionality over time before it eventually stops working altogether. There is not static timeline for a full loss of functionality as you will note in this v1 End-of-Life announcement. I would suggest reaching out to the developer directly on their GitHub page and submitting an issue.



  • Tiffany Shu

    Hi everyone! I’m also having a minor issue with the Tag Locker app and I wonder if this is because the app wasn't updated to the v2 framework...

    We’ve been using it to categorize our tickets and some macros even have actions like remove tag and add tag depending on what part of the treatment flow the conversation is at. While drafting a response and selecting the macro, everything works perfectly: a specific tag is removed and a new one added. Then solve and end scene. Thing is, when I click to read the solved ticket, I noticed both tags were still on the Tag Locker widget. Anyone have any idea why this happens? And how I can fix this??



    Edit: I just realized I can no longer find this app on the Zendesk Marketplace. I wonder if it has already stopped working altogether...

  • Bryan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Developer Support

    Hi Tiffany,

    As you observed, Tag Locker is a "v1 app". On top of that, it is also a "labs app". As outlined in What is Zendesk Labs? these are considered experimental and can change (and even go away) at anytime.

    The v1 Labs App version of Tag Locker is in fact actually going away. The first step was to remove it from the public marketplace. The second step will happen later this year when all v1 apps will stop working.

    The Tag Locker app is being rewritten as a v2 app and will be offered as a paid app. No announcements have been made, however, on its delivery time frame.

    You can continue to run the v1 version of Tag Locker, but no fixes or changes will be happening to it. If you later get the v2 version when it's released, it will be fully supported and any issues found can be reported. There will be more announcements on v1 -> v2 migration planning in the coming weeks.

    This is most likely not be the answer you were hoping for. If there's anything I can add to clarify the situation, let me know, however.

  • Tiffany Shu

    Thanks so much for your quick response, Bryan! I'll check with my team on how we're gonna move forward on this.



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