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    Dwight Bussman

    Hi Martin,

    I'm not certain if this is what you're looking for, but you are able to make a custom metric that encompasses the various product release versions. Here's an example of what that might look like:

    where the "..." would contain all of the other relevant versions for the metric.

    Unfortunately, GoodData does not offer a "Contains" feature for that, so you'll have to manually add all of the relevant versions and update your metric if new versions are released that should be included.

    If that's not what you're looking for, please feel free to reach out to to discuss this within a ticket.


  • Martin Lynch

    Hi Dwight,

    Thanks, that would help in part to solve. The challenge I have is to do this against different groups in the same report. Therefore I need to be able to name each group...i.e I would need all V10s in one group, v11s in another etc but all in the same report ll V10s in one group, v11s in another etc but all in the same report and named separately.

    Hopefully this makes sense.



  • Dwight Bussman

    Hi Martin,

    I'm going to reach out to you in a ticket just to clarify further so we're not going back & forth here. I'm happy to post our conclusions back to this thread after we arrive at an answer, though.

    See you there soon.

  • Rakesh Bhonagiri

    Hi Dwight


    I too have a similar requirement where in i need to roll up different type of issues to an application level e.g 19 type of issues rolled up to 5 applications for ease of reporting to the management in one report.

    So am curious to know if you got any conclusion on the above requirement so that i can take a cue from the same.



  • Dwight Bussman

     Hi Rakesh,

    The solution proposed above was pretty close to what we ended-up using in Martin's case, so I suspect it might work in yours as well.

    If you have 19 different issues that belong to 5 applications, I would recommend creating a custom metric for each application that contains the associated issues (attribute values). Once you have your 5 custom metrics, you could report on tickets belonging to each of them.

    If you've created those metrics but they're not giving you the results you want or if I've misinterpreted your question, please feel free to submit a request to so we can take a closer look.



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