Can you invalidate satisfaction survey responses?


  • Nils Zwicker

    Hello Julia,

    no, there is now way the invalidate a rating.

    You only have two options:

    1. Delete the ticket with the bad rating.
    In this case you may lost some important informations in the ticket history.

    2. You can edit the automation „Request customer satisfaction rating (System Automation)“.

    Add „Ticket:Tags“ > „Contains none of the following“ + Tag: No_Rating for example.
    If you solve a ticket, you can add the Tag „No_Rating“. The customer get no survey in this case.
    You also can add the tag directly at the user, so he never get an email with the satisfaction rating.

    Please let us know if you need further assistance.

    Best Regards,

  • Martin Champagne

    I have to say that is not really an acceptable answer.  I have also seen numerous posts from users requesting how to delete surveys.  I have used a lot of system for assessing CSAT  and never used one that does not allow admins to delete surveys.  When running CSAT programs, there are always rules in place that allows certain types of surveys to be removed from the sample.  If you want the survey feature of your product to be taken seriously you are going to have to introduce the ability to delete surveys.  Is that in the product road map? 

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Martin!

    Thanks for sharing your feedback on this. I looked through our Product Feedback forum and didn't see any posts about this particular suggestion. This isn't something that's currently on the roadmap to the best of my knowledge, but if you want to be sure our Product Managers see your suggestion, I'd recommend creating a post over there with your detailed use case. I can't promise that they'll be able to respond directly, but they see all those posts and comments. The more information you can provide about why you need to delete or exclude individual CSAT surveys, the better our PMs can understand the need, which in turn helps them figure out potential solutions.

  • John Witt

    I was looking for an answer here as well. One use cases: when you use the CSAT ratings for agent performance or bonus. In other roles I've seen customers rate the ticket incorrectly (opposite), and recently when they don't like the answer the agent gives even though the response was professional and correct. In these latter cases customers aren't given the option to rate the solution or product i.e. feature request, not possible, unsupported and instead rate the agent as unsatisfied, with a comment about their feedback on the product that the agent has no immediate control over. With a small sample size an agent's performance may be incorrectly evaluated, and making a complicated survey email about product vs. agent would result in less adoption, as well as the agent trying to craft a response to avoid a poor rating about the product.

    The Feedback Forum link above is specific to a CSS question so not sure the best place to put it other than a "+1" with response here.

    Edit: While delete is an option, it's a poor customer experience and removes the direct feedback we can use to influence development.


  • Matt McCluskey

    Thank you John!  We use CSAT scores for performance evaluations, and would also like this ability to remove survey responses that are not valid.

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey John and Matt - 

    Your reasons totally make sense, and that is good feedback. However, we haven't seen this request much, so it's not something that's currently on the roadmap. 

    You're welcome to create a new post in the Product Feedback topic to see if there are a bunch of other users out there who need the ability to filter these results and would upvote it. Then there may be a case for the product teams to look into it.

  • Rose Anderson
    • What is the problem?
      Administrators need to be able to invalidate or remove customer satisfaction responses that are not valid without losing ticket history.

    • Why is it a problem? I have had many use cases where having the administrative ability to do this would have been valuable. My agents have their bonuses and yearly reviews based on customer satisfaction goals. 
      Customer did not receive a response from the correct business unit help desk, and so called our help desk. We made a ticket for him, gave him what he needed to get help, and he left bad feedback on that ticket that was for the other business unit. We invited him to change this but he has not. I would like to keep the ticket but that feedback is not a valid reflection on my agent or my team.

    • How do you solve the problem today? If I want to change the scenario above, I will have to create a placeholder ticket to record what happened and then delete the ticket with the bad rating. That is not ideal.

    • How would you ideally solve the problem? We need an admin dashboard where we can invalidate ratings and prevent them from reflecting in the score for an agent or the help desk.

    • How big is the problem (business impact, frequency of impact, who is impacted). It's not a blocker, but it's definitely a pain point. The agents are demoralized by feedback that is not fair when it reflects in their scores, even though I assure them I'm not counting it. My only option is to delete tickets when all I needed was to delete the rating or exclude it from our stats.
  • Evan Oberman

    Wanted to follow up on this as well for the same reasons Rose Anderson posted. Please add this functionality!

  • Ben Van Iten
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Evan,

    I agree that there are certain use cases where this would make sense. 

    I would recommend posting in our Product Feedback forum so that other users have the chance to upvote and add their own feedback. My apologies that we don't have more at this point, but the options that were pointed out in the beginning of the thread by Nils are still valid as well.

    Please let us know if we can offer any further assistance.


  • Bart

    Maybe a small workaround to this would be to set up a tag that you add to a ticket upon reviewing it. 

    Then when creating your satisfaction report, you simply add to the filter to exclude that tag such as "csat_invalidated" 

    The only downside to this is that it could be open to abuse where agents are able to simply add that tag themselves when they feel that it is not justified. And I don't imagine there being a permission role for Administrators to be able to be the only ones to add / remove that single tag.

  • Brianne Hansen

    Ben Van Iten Unfortunately from my experience, deleting tickets does not delete the satisfaction score. Those scores will still affect agents overall ratings. Nils second suggestion also only prevents invalid csat scores in the future or ones that are predictable. Do you have any other advice?


  • Mark Leci

    Bart's suggestion is what I would go for as well. This is something we have had issues with, but actually we've tried the opposite approach of trying to get more client feedback so the negative responses that don't make sense are filtered out (since otherwise someone has to manually review each response and determine if it's valid). We do this by letting clients know up front that a survey is coming and requesting their responses. We also follow up if a client leaves negative feedback (which hopefully encourages clients to use the feedback system in the expected way).

    In terms of the tag workaround, I would tie this to a macro that is only available to admins. We don't expose the tags field to agents as it's used for so many things that it would cause massive problems with automations/triggers etc. if we allowed agents to add or remove tags as they please. 

  • Jerry Goure

    We added a custom drop-down with a couple dozen classifications and our team leads classify all bad ratings. The classifications roll up into a handful of main categories that include "Agent" (the agent or CS messed up), "Customer" (the customer is truly unappeasable or pathologically confused), "Policy" (we could change our policies but usually have very good reasons not to), and "Product" (bugs and features). The categories have been remarkably stable over time and make it pretty clear where the worst problems are and how to handle them. Individual agents' goals are tied to reducing the "Agent" portion.


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