Using customer satisfaction in Social Media


  • Ferran Barneda Delporte

    Hello Ahmed,

    The answer to whether you can measure satisfaction on tickets made from Facebook/Twitter messages is a tentative yes, but not in the same way that customer satisfaction (CSAT) is measured on tickets that originate from web forms or email.

    The reason for this is that the CSAT survey can only be sent to users that have a registered email address in your Zendesk. If one of your end users sent you message throughFacebook/Twitter, Zendesk will automatically create an account for that end-user using their name as set inFacebook/Twitter, like this:

    As you can see here, Zendesk will automatically create the message they sent through Facebook/Twitter as a ticket and associate it with their new account, but since there's no email address, no CSAT survey can be sent. Having said that, your customers can still rate their tickets through the end-user interface if they access their ticket directly.

    I say this as a tentative yes, because you would have to actively direct them to (and/or explain how to) access their ticket in Zendesk to rate it, so it's not an automatic invitation as with a CSAT survey delivered by email. If you'd like to read more about the satisfaction survey:

    Using customer satisfaction ratings

    I hope this answers your question ;)

  • Sarah Wetzel


    There have been some releases by Twitter related to CSAT in their API ( Other third party tools have made this function available.

    Is Zendesk in discussion with Twitter about this feature/planning to look into this feature for Zendesk?



  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Sarah - 

    This is not something planned at the moment, but I'll certainly pass this along to the Product teams for future consideration. 

  • Belong

    This would be possible if agents had the ability to add an email address to the customer's profile. I've raised a feature request here.


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