Tips for using Pathfinder


  • Andrew J

    Would be good to note at the top of this article that pathfinder is a Enterprise only App.

  • James Baldwin


  • Jennifer Rowe

    Awesome tip, James. Thanks for sharing!

  • Matthew Miles

    I was wondering if this information was still accurate. Currently the app only supports being located on the ticket, but we would like to place it else where like mentioned in tip #1 above.

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Matthew! Welcome to the Community!

    In that first tip, James is referring to where the app is located in the app tray in the Zendesk agent interface. You can have many apps in that space, and your agents can scroll up or down to see the information in their tickets. That tip is recommending that the Pathfinder app be placed at the top of the app tray so agents can find it easily. It's not possible to put the app anywhere else in the agent interface.

  • Guy Raphael

    Is it possible for Pathfinder to automatically create an "Internal" note for every ticket? It is hard to train engineer to look at the web widget :( 

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hey Guy,

    The Pathfinder app is configured to only show information within the app sidebar. Unfortunately there's no way to set up the integration to add an internal note to your ticket. Apologies for not being able to find an alternative solution for you at this time :(


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