Forwarding email to external


  • Cameron D.

    @Kevin Tran we had to create a "forwarding notes" multi-line field to add any additional context since internal notes don't forward, then added that to the forwarded email using the custom field placeholder.

  • Jordan Brown

    They will never implement this. They want everything happening through their platform.

  • Rafal Golan

    I worked hard to make sure Zendesk is working for our company, however no forward forces us to move away from Zendesk. We have invested time and money into the solution. With lack of forwarding, it is basically useless as the team communicating with external teams and we do not want to create a separate email/ticket just for that. 

  • Malte Lensch - LEAFWORKS

    Hi Rafal Golan,

    I would also like to see a native cc feature build into Zendesk but I think it won't happen in the near future.

    As a workaround, you might want to set up a process as previously described in this thread where you set up a workflow forwarding the content of the ticket to an external target (email or distribution list).

    You can also check out the side conversation feature (which costs extra) or see if you can use an external app you already use in your company (maybe Slack or Jira) to communicate with non-Zendesk users. 


  • Emily Bain

    Hi all, 

    Did anyone ever get a fix for this?

    Our company has just signed up to ZenDesk and I am completely baffled this function hasn't been fixed. 

    This is a basic part of business efficiencies and is highly disappointing from Zendesk. 

  • Isaac de la Fuente

    Another example of Zendesk putting their business needs ahead of the customer needs.  There is no reason for them not allowing this other than lock-in. We'll be testing out the macro, target solution posted on this thread to see if that can be a good-enough bandaid for us.

  • Zunaid

    I just started using Zendesk and was impressed by how quickly I could get up to speed as well as simplify and automate communication and processes.

    Then I started creating Scenario Automations and was amazed that such a critical function was missing. It's 2020 and I can't forward an email to an external address!? This was something that any respectable product manager would have built into the first release.

    It is now four years after the original request so clearly it won't be implemented. Not at all impressed anymore.

  • Josef Aalto

    Hi Team, 


    Are there any updates as to whether this is now a usable feature. We have tried using the method of changing the requester however this does not seem to work as the intended recipient is not getting the email even after it has been submitted. 

    Any suggestions as to how we can get emails forwarded to external users? 


  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Josef,

    I would recommend taking a look at this article: How do I forward tickets to a non-Support user?

    You'd most likely need to create an email target that can forward these emails out to external users if the appropriate conditions are met within your trigger.

    I hope this helps!

  • Mitchell Cole

    Hi Brett,

    I have a bit of an unorthodox request for you, but I am hoping you can help me. I have a professional license with Zendesk, which I believe is 24/5 phone and email support but I am not receiving any contact through these channels.

    I have had an issue where end users cannot add comments to tickets open for 8 days now and had almost no communication, and there has been no resolution to my issue. Since Friday I have been told that this will be escalated but I have received no escalated support or contact in any way. 

    Can you please help me get in touch with the people needed to get help on this issue that is over a week old? Thank you, 


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