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  • Megan Howell

    Hey Marc,

    To clarify, with our default "draft" functionality in Zendesk Help Center, there is no live article - it only lives in an article editor, so there is no way for our templates to reference it. The answer to your question, essentially, is no - there isn't an object property that refers to a draft article, I am sorry!

    Depending on your goal, perhaps you could just publish articles as internal, and refer to them that way - but in the true draft mode, there isn't an option to reference in an if statement.

  • Marc Falzon

    I guess i was looking at just a clear way to differentiate.

    Thats fine, if thats it, then thats it :)

  • Marc Falzon

    ive noticed that in Manage Articles theres an article value of Status.

    Couldnt that be made available as an article property?

  • Becca
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Marc-

    For status value are you referring to the draft or published indicator that displays a yellow or green dot respectively? This is something used to help sort and increase view-ability of articles in the Article Manager. This feature is not available to be added to articles with default Help Center functionality; further drafts are not viewable by users until they are published.

    If you wanted to implement something like this you likely could via custom code.

  • Marc Falzon

    custom code may be the way to go.

    Having that manage article flag available on the article page would be so much handier :)


  • OT

    Have you been able to implement any custom code for this?  We've had issues with agents including links to other articles not realising they are drafts.  Need to be able to put a big notice at the top of the article to flag this up to people, but not sure how to do it given it's not in the article object


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