Create a ticket based on Organization field?


  • Carsten Falborg
    Community Moderator

    Hi Clay

    Zendesk doesn't natively support a trigger that runs on "Org Updated" so you would have to look for a thirdparty integration to do so.

    I did some digging and you could pull it off with will let you query the API for organizations and look at the org updated field and the custom field you created. It then allows you to loop through the resulting JSON and for each record found, use the Zendesk Connector in to create tickets. is a bit advanced so you need someone with some programming skills to set this up!

  • Chad Ferguson
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hi Clay,

    Carsten's comment above is correct - there is not a trigger condition you can set to run when an organization is updated so that would not be a possibility.

    The only option in this case would be a custom application implementing our API or a 3rd party app, and as Carsten suggested it would require a fair amount of coding to make it work properly.

    You can read more about the API here if you are interested in pursuing that option!


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