Transitioning from Kayako to Zendesk


  • Carsten Falborg
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    Thats basically what i did with a client of mine. One thing we learned was to be really quick to disable email in kayako and at the same time enable it in Zendesk. They use different approcahes to email, so you can easily run into a period where the customer receives confirmation from both systems.

    Other than that - the only issue could be if the customer wants to migrate tickets from Kayako to Zendesk, that will take some work.

  • Massini Ryan Services
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    Thanks for that input!  Very helpful.  Thank goodness, he doesn't want to migrate the tickets, but he DOES want to be able to save them somehow, so I'll need to speak with Kayako about that possibility, I suppose.  Can't be losing all that data.

    Thanks again!


  • Jennifer Rowe
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    Thanks for the advice, Carsten!

    And good luck Massini!

  • J Barnaby
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    You can try to export your data to CSV files and import them into Zendesk.

    Or you may use Zendesk API.

    As an alternative you can use Help Desk Migration Service to migrate data from Kayako to Zendesk.

    Disclaimer: I'm an account manager at HelpDeskMigration.


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