Add-on Zendesk for JIRA is not responding.


  • Peter Fisher-Duke

    Potential Solution

    Make sure the JIRA Base URL matches the URL you are accessing a JIRA issue from, including the port and/or https:// prefix. This can be updated in JIRA Administration > System > General Configuration > Base URL 

    Note that if you want to access it with HTTPS then the Base URL must have HTTPS defined in it (eg versus ) and I believe the same would probably apply to ports.



    For us this message would appear if the domain used to access JIRA differed from what was configured as our JIRA Base URL. For example:

    • Base URL defined as:
    • But accessing a JIRA issue from:

    This was introduced after a JIRA upgrade where we wanted to test the new JIRA while still keeping the old one online, thus the JIRA Base URL had the number 2 in it so we knew which instance was which.



  • Maxime

    Hi Arnold

    Did you whitelist Zendesk IPs on your JIRA server?


  • Arnold Ok

    Hi Maxime,

    Thanks for your tip, so I should add all these IP numbers:

    using the JIRA Security tab? Could you kindly explain, in the pattern "", what exactly means the "24" number is it a port number? My server opens only 443 port for the outside traffic.

    Thanks and Regards,

    In addition, here is the stage where configuration of this plugin just hangs, no message on the page or in the logs what is the problem:

    UPDATE 2:

    Now, I've added temporary a regular expression to allow all IPs (see te image below) but the result is still the same

  • Scott Williamson

    Hi Arnold, 

    Thanks for your time with regards to your configuration question. To help you further we require more specific info, so we will be in touch via a ticket. 


  • Steven Wang

    so how exactly this issue is resolved??? i have the exact same issue. I added wildcard domain to Jira whitelist but issue remains.

  • Frankie Truong

    Hello, I'm also receiving the same issue. Was anybody able to resolve this?


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