invalid AEAD cipher fragment



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    Joseph May

    Hi Thomas-

    To be clear, have you found an issue with Zendesk specifically? There is very little our there regarding this error (this is one of the top hits on search engines). If so, I would ask you both please submit tickets to Zendesk Support with request/response data as well as replication steps.


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    Hi Thomas

    Never seen this before, can you specify what are you doing to get this error? How are you calling the API? what endpoint? What authentication method? In the terminal or in your application?


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    Thomas Franke

    Hi Maxime,

    thank you for your response. If you have never seen it before, it makes no sense for me to add further information. We will dig deeper from our side. Maybe we can find something. 

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    Thomas Franke.,


    did you find the fix for " invalid AEAD cipher fragment"? I am also having the same problem.. If you have the solution, please let me know. Advance thanks

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    Joseph May

    Hi Bunny-

    Would you please provide some more context here? What are you doing that causes this error?



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    Thomas Franke

    Hi all,

    We are working with Oracle SOA Suite 12c here and we see this error very often in our log files when we call Zendesk by REST. Until now we did not determine the cause nor a solution.



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