Add a placeholder for formatted comment values -- maybe {{comment.value_formatted}}



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    Joel Hellman

    I'd like get a comments_formatted object that is exposed to liquid markup, where you can iterate over each comment, as well.

    My use case is that I'd like to use liquid markup to better control which comments are sent out in email notifications. 

    I'd also like to highlight or remove emailing attachments from individual comments.

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    Aron Trimble

    Adding my thumbs up and use case here as well..

    We were previously using custom formatting with liquid to be able to remove some repeated legalese at the bottom of certain emails. This worked really well but we had to sacrifice the use of HTML formatting in emails to accomplish it. I almost started work on a custom markdown interpreter built with liquid but eventually gave up on it due to complexity.

    We have since switched to just using the standard formatted comments array because the recent updates to html emails and wysiswyg editing have made those features more valuable to us than the annoyance of the legalese.

    Would love to have this feature as well!

    Ps, sorry I can't provide a screenshot of the legal text without approval but trust me, it's long, and it has no business being in ticket emails.

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    Andrew J

    Hello Justin,  are you trying to allow people to read the messages in their own preferred text format in Outlook?

    The display of text in outlook can be significantly changed by user settings right?

    First thing you could do to make the emails look more similar is to turn on your photo in the Zendesk email :-)

    What do you consider are the significant differences between your Outlook pic and your Zendesk v1b with images?  (because turning images on would affect the Outlook one too)


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    Justin Graves

    @AndrewJ - Thanks for the reply. I appreciate your input as always. I'm trying to have Zendesk notifications (emails) look more similar to Outlook emails.

    What do your mean by "preferred text format". Most users will never mess with the display settings in Outlook itself so I'm not concerned with that.

    As for turning on photos in emails from Zendesk-- that's a whole other battle I think I may never win with our Exchange admins. I'd love to know if anyone has had any success whitelisting for images embedded in emails but I have been told it is impossible.

    The difference between v1b and Outlook can be seen visually in the comparison below. First there's the big white space at the top of the email. I turned the mail delimiter white but have yet to find a way to reduce the top padding. Then the color of the text in the body-- Outlook shows the most recent message in blue text to set it apart from the other previous emails which are shown in black text. Then there's the topmost horizontal line that exists in the v1b version (it's hard to see in the small images here). It's strange to have a line above the first part of an email message. I think I remember that the only way to make that go away was to remove all horizontal lines between subsequent messages by formatting it white (which we do want since Outlook has grey lines between messages). Lastly, there's stuff not in the screenshot here. In Outlook, you can see who was CCd on the current and previous emails.

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    Andrew J

    Yeah - I get you.  

    What about the risk of people commenting on lower parts of the email?  The helpdesk lines are there to explain how it works.  It's NOT just an email... and clients may need to understand that.

    Have you tried using CSS to change the line heights?

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    Nathan C

    Have to +1 this.

    @Andrew Mills - There is always going to be a risk of people commenting on lower part of emails... after all, you can't entirely eliminate user error. 99% of the time people have half a brain to simply click "reply" and type in the head of a new email.

    In that rare case when someone types "Please see my responses below" and typed below the line, you can always open up the original HTML email to see what was typed.

    Depending on how people are using Zendesk, it's important sometimes to make it look like they are receiving a regular email.

    Even right now we are evaluating whether to move forward with Zendesk based on this one feature "Make emails look like emails, not tickets".

    What we want to achieve: 

    Removal of the blank white space, persons name and all the other formatting before the last response.

    Can't use CSS to change formatting all the time:

    This is half true, but it also depends on the email client. Even using the right CSS to manipulate the current formatted elements will produce funky and different results depending on the email client which the email is being opened on.

    How are we doing this right now:

    Like what Justin said above, we are using unformatted comments to make the email look like a real email - downside is you can't have any HTML formatting in that last comment.

    Hope this helps in pushing the feature forward!!! Seems there is a growing requirement to have more control over the email templates.

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    Nathan C

    After a day of testing and playing around, i have an outcome with works on 90% of email clients. I've posted the link below which has all the code for the email templates.

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    Andrew J

    Hello Nathan - looks good - it would be great if you would make a tutorial in the community here... or if you like I could do that for you... Let me know. :)

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    Ben Christensen

    This is a big one for us as well. We want the "unformatted" look of email as well, but still support for embedded images, rich text (eg bold, italics, etc) without the impersonal feeling of the ticket.last_comment_formatted default formatting.

    If we could have a comment.value that processes the markdown formatting instead of just exposing it as plain text, that would be ideal.

    Example using comment.value:

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    Kay - RealConnections (NL) (Edited )

    Hi Guys,

    When you have turned the rich text editor some of this is actually possible with liquid. The idea behind it is using inline styles so it works across multiple clients.

    It will handle inline images, and append attachments at the bottom.
    Let me know what you think. Please make sure you deactivate the show profile pictures in your channel

    Check out the code.

    Let me know what you think!

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    Torri Burke

    Hey @Kay - RealConnections (NL) 

    That worked perfectly for what I was trying to accomplish except for it stripped my signature. Could you direct me to which part of the code I can add or remove to bring my agent signature back in? Thank you! 

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    Felipe Fernandes

    Hi @Kay - RealConnections (NL)


    I also got the unformatted template to work, thank you. The only issue I'm seeing now is that it still does not feel like an email conversation with the user. Replies from the ZenDesk agent are all present (i.e. public comment history) in every email that is sent to the user. It would be nice if only the most recent comment was sent since these days, most email clients retain a history of all comments, it seems a little redundant to send old comments in every new email. Any suggestions?

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    Kay - RealConnections (NL) (Edited )


    I am so sorry for not responding earlier, I had overlooked your message. That is very well possible if you use a different placeholder in your trigger. Just use `ticket.latest_public_comment_formatted` or `ticket.latest_comment_formatted`.


    Your agent signature is not located in this code. You might want to double check your Settings > Agent to see if there is anything there.

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    Elia Schito

    This a big critical issue for us too, and there's no viable workaround either (except by using comments_formatted). Please make this a priority, should be urgent!

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