Not seeing Search Term results in Google Analytics


  • Michael Weeks

    I would also like to know this

  • Becca
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Mark and Michael, 

    There could be a few issues at hand, but here's two very common ones that affect Google Analytics and Help Center search are using host mapped domains and the query url. 

    1. For the host mapped domain, under where it says "website URL" if it is not currently, could you try changing this to your Host Mapped domain instead of the Try that, enter in a few searches and wait a few more hours and see if the results come up. 

    2. You will actually just want to input "query" as a query parameter, not the whole "&query=" 

  • Mark Knight

    Hi Rebecca

    Thank you for your response.

    We only have host mapped at present, whilst we attempt to get this working.

    I have changed the input query to the below. Does this look right as I have seen no change to our analytics?



  • David

    Hi Rebecca,


    I'm having a similar problem. I have GA set up and it is displaying search terms, but the report I produce from the Agent console seems to have more (and some different) search terms than GA. Which is puzzling.


    Has anyone had a similar issue? Why would this be?


  • Mandeep Singh

    Hi David,

    It turns out that Rebecca has actually written the following article to address your question: Why am I seeing differences in Google Analytics versus Help Center reporting overview?

    "The views reported on the dashboard could more accurately be described as raw hits. Our native reporting on the views of your Help Center includes bots, crawlers, and repeat visitors. Google automatically ignores their own indexing bots in the results. Depending on how you have Google Analytics configured, bot traffic may account for a large part of the discrepancy."

    I hope this helps!


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