Mask Phone Number When Making Outbound Calls



  • Deb K.
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    Agreed.  Our company only makes outbound calls and we don't want the customer to see the phone number to prevent the customer trying to call back.

  • Mikayla Welborn
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    I agree it will also be helpful for us to hide the phone number when we make outbound calls.

    Jessica and Deb - how have you configured Zendesk Talk to only allow outbound calls and not accept inbound calls? We're moving in this direction and trying to figure out how to set it up. I can't find an option to prevent inbound calls, other than perhaps sending all inbound to voicemail. 


  • Caroline Kello
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    Hi everyone, 

    Talk has just released Outbound Caller ID. You’re now able to select the numbers your customers see when you place an outbound call to deliver a better and more consistent customer experience. In addition, Talk Advanced customers can now add an external number that they own, for example their company’s 1-800 number, to be used as the caller ID for outbound calls.




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