Disable Name/Email field input


  • Erica Wass

    Hi Clement: Not at this time, but it's something we're exploring. 

  • Andrew

    Really would love to see this as well.  If we're prefilling based on logged-in user, it doesn't make sense for them to see it.

  • Srinivas Suravarapu

    This does mean a user can change the email address to someone else and create a ticket.

    Surely the widget options could include a disable text box option or atleast show hide option.

    Any one who does a penetration test on the webwidget will flag this issue up as a security issue

  • Paulo Fernandes

    Hi there,

    Did you guys manage to implement this feature? It seems like it's something that would benefit multiple users.


  • Milo Convery

    Hello - every end-user is registered on Zendesk in my business, however it is still asking some requested to enter an email adress. This is very troublesome for us as it potientially allows people to submit tickets under other peoples names, and we have over 7000 people sending requests, and frequent tickets from managers to override things. Do you know why it is randomly asking end-users for an email address and how I can prevent/work around this? 

  • Fred Thomas

    i'd really like to see this added. For Zendesk instances that employ SSO and force customers to sign on, the ability for a customer to override that requirement seems counter-intuitive and a miss by the product. Please consider the votes here, albeit small in qty- HUGE in value.

  • Daniel Aron

    The Web Widget prefill javascript api now supports "read only" so the visitor can't edit the name/email as per Clement's use-case.  https://developer.zendesk.com/embeddables/docs/widget/core#prefill

  • Eric M.

    This is an EXCELLENT improvement. Thank you for understanding the importance of this... 👍🏻


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