Zendesk blocked in China?



  • Carsten Falborg
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    Hi Søren

    China is China and there is not always a transparent logic for what gets through the great firewall of china. I can't tell you your Zendesk is being blocked though - I just had my brother (in Shanghai) try to access our Zendesk without a VPN, and he got through just fine!?

    Have you tried to traceroute or something similar from his location to Zendesk? Maybe you can see where it gets blocked,

  • Søren Myllerup Mikkelsen
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    Hi Carsten, thanks for the quick reply. 

    We will try that. 

  • Jeff Jing
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    Hi Carsten,

    We can not make our clients to use a VPN all the time, and visit Zendesk in China is sometimes extremely slow.

    I think it would be nice if there are some Zendesk data centers in China, which would improve the situation.

    For now, Is there any suggestion?

  • Nicole - Community Manager
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    Hi Jeff, 

    I commented on the other thread you posted in, but we will be reaching out to you in a ticket to get more details and troubleshoot. 


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