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  • Caroline Kello
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    Hey Travis, 

    Thanks for the feedback! You're correct that we haven't implemented any logging or audits around the deletion, it's something that we're looking to add so there's an item in our backlog to address this. It's not intended to be optional functionality as it's mandatory for GDPR compliance coming into effect in May this year. However the option to delete is only available to Zendesk admins so its accessibility is deliberately limited. 

    Thanks again for posting, I appreciate it and it allows us to make improvements to the functionality. 

    Cheers, Caroline

  • Jennifer Brewster
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    +1 to Travis's comment!

    We also feel it was rolled out prematurely. We are a healthcare company dealing with extremely sensitive data! We sell health insurance and it's required by law to have every call recorded.

    We would have loved a heads up that this was getting released, so we could edit admin access accordingly. 

    If it's something that cannot be optional, we need to be able to track if/when a recording was deleted and by who. Additionally, we'd like to limit who has access to this feature (we don't want some of our admins to have access, but they need access to other admin features).



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