Zendesk Search should look into attachments


  • Radboud

    We also would like this option!

  • Tim Kline

    We also have use cases where we receive loan tapes as PDF attachments from servicers in random batches and need to search information about an individual loan through a loan ID 

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for the feedback, Tim. We'll continue to collect votes and use-cases to gauge interest/need for this functionality.

  • Brandon Potter

    Agree. Searching attachments would be a huge improvement. Also side conversations need to be included in searches.

  • Terry Ehrhard

    As a new customer, this is a common feature of Microsoft Outlook.  Thus moving onto Zendesk this becomes functionality that is removed from our associates.  Our team uses this often searching for various PO's for content such as part numbers and other things that only in attachments.  This needs to be prioritized as a higher functionality to be added to Zendesk in the very near future

  • Juanita f

    Hi there, I totally agree! We have also moved from Outlook to Zendesk and it is a pity that this basic function is now taken from my team members because it slows them down in their effectiveness. I would also like this to be changed asap.

  • Giang Priest

    We really could use this functionality too.

    Our teams are communicating a lot with customers (tickets) and subcontractors (side conversations) and it's really complicated when we need to find information when they are in side conversations and attachments, especially when you have to download attachments every single time. Looking up for a specific data can take really long.

    Please please please add this :)

  • Jeff Gadeloff

    Its been 2 years since this post, has there been any update to search within attachments? 

  • Pierre Nilsson

    Yes, the possibility to include search within the attachment would be very helpful!


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