What are your 2018 Zendesk Goals?


  • Graeme Carmichael

    Before a ticket is solved, agents categorise the ticket problem using a drop down custom field. But a ticket may feature multiple problems that are hard to capture in one drop down field.

    This year, the drop down field will be replaced with the new multi-select ticket field. This is a far better fit for classifying tickets that touch many issues.

    But we need to take a little care to ensure that we can report using the new field. So we will either create brand new reporting tags unique to the new field or deactivate the drop down field and then try to maintain some common tags.

  • Jessie Schutz

    Awesome! Be sure to come back and give us a debrief on how it goes, lessons learned, etc. That could end up being a good tip for folks who want to transition a regular drop-down to a multi-select field.

  • Andrea Saez

    To launch a new HC, which we did! https://help.prodpad.com 

  • Jessie Schutz

    It's barely February! You killed that goal fast. ;)

  • Dan Ross

    Graeme, I'm really eager to hear how you go with the multiselect fields. We were interested in using them for categorization, but the twin burden of needing to make new metrics for each tag and lack of field migration options is pretty heavy. On top of that, because multiselects are a many:one relationship, we're worried about what it means for the rest of our ticket data if we start effectively double or triple counting the same ticket when historically we've always had a 1:1 category->ticket relationship. Let us know how your migration goes!

    Andrea, your new HC looks great! Your link is broken though, it has an extra space and slash at the end.

    For us, for starters, I'm hoping to integrate our phone systems more tightly with Zendesk, as well as expand some internal integrations and onboard a whole new department. Then I want to run an internal survey and measure what tools agents find the most and least helpful and try to make some improvements based on their feedback. Maybe time to convince my boss that I need an assistant!


    Good luck to everyone and their 2018 goals!

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Thanks for sharing, Dan!

  • Jacob J Christensen

    I have three general areas for improvements I would like to make significant progress on this year.

    • Self-service:
      We launched it last year, with the content we had from our commerce sites. We need to have more and better content (saw one article had a negative 2K score). To do that we need to have a better understanding of the customer journey and a working process for creating, approving and publishing new content.
      #guide #KnowledgeCaptureApp
    • A more personal customer experience:
      Our agents should have easier access to customer specific information (order history, address, loyalty info etc.). The company is looking for a new CRM, I'm hoping for Saleforce, since it has some Zendesk connection that could make this easier.
    • Proactive / anticipatory communication:
      When Connect / Outbound surfaces again we would like to investigate ways to offer help and assistance to customers on our commerce sites, before they feel the need to look for a customer service channel themselves. Also I have some ideas for using it to offer incentives that result in more purchases, bigger basket size etc.

    Our web team is also working on integrating Guide in our commerce sites.


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