Counted number of SMS messages received and delivered


  • Jessie Schutz
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    Hi Ian! 

    This is a good question; I'm not sure what SMS information is pulled into Insights at this point. Let me see if I can find someone who knows!

  • Leah
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    Hey Ian! There's no metric for text specific tickets, but you could report on # Tickets and filter the report by tickets that came in through the Text channel. This article has an overview of how the different ticket channels are defined in Insights.

    If you're using proactive texts, you're likely using a tag to initiate a trigger. For those, you'll need to report on the tag as they aren't considered part of the Text channel. 

    Let me know if you have any questions about this!

  • Ian Smith
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    Hi Leah, 

    That is what we are doing now but text message are threaded so #Tickets could be a largely underestimated since new text messages will be threaded to old tickets if the ticket is not closed. 

    Is there any way to pull the data from Channels > Text > History > Status?

  • Jon Daniels
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    Hey Ian!

    There isn't a way to report directly on the text history, but our trigger recipes reference recommends closing proactive outbound tickets, so there shouldn't be threads on these tickets:

    Using text notifications with triggers - Recipes and tips

    Let us know if there is anything specific you are looking to do by gathering this data, maybe there is an alternate method to reporting this information!


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