Will Zendesk Connect/Outbound integrate with Zendesk Support?



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    Steven Yan
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    Hi Wesley, I'm the GM for our Connect/Outbound product. To answer your question, we are absolutely planning an integration between Support and Connect and this is currently in development. We plan to have this available in the first half of this year.

    There's a number of different areas where we could integrate Support and Connect, and we'll begin by building data integration between Support and Connect, so you're able to send proactive campaigns in Connect based on all the users that you have in Support. As for the type of data that will make its way into Connect, we plan to start with user attributes (including custom fields) and key ticket creation and solve events. This will all be available without any further engineering from your team, and if you want to bring additional information into Connect to improve your targeting of specific customers, you can do so via the Connect API.

    In the future, we'll also add support for displaying campaign details in a Support ticket when a customer responds, so the agent has full context about the original message sent.

    Along with the above capabilities, you'll still have all the existing capabilities of Connect to measure the effectiveness of your messages -- A/B testing, control groups, and campaign reporting.

    I'd love to hear more about the types of proactive campaigns that you would like to send. We're looking for early access program customers and perhaps your account will be a good fit.

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    Hey Wesley,

    You don’t have to use any integration or other additional services to send outbound emails, as there is a Proactive Campaigns application that can help you to do this directly from your Zendesk account. It is now available in Zendesk Marketplace free of charge, no matter of your Zendesk Support plan.


    With its help, you are able to specify lists of customers with several criteria and then target them with updates or any other notifications, and then trace the way you send them follow-ups. The app will also automatically raise tickets on customers’ behalf as soon as it gets their answers.


    Read more information about its other features or install the app in Zendesk Marketplace for free. We would appreciate if you left feedback about your experience using Proactive Campaigns.


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