Talk Product Enhancements - (Agent Status, Always Active Queue during business hours, Ring Groups, Advanced Queue Configuration)


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    Nicole - Community Manager
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    Hi Jose & Stephen, 

    Thanks for the detailed and articulate feedback. This post is well written and full of helpful insights. 

    I spoke with the Talk Product Manager, and she indicated that most of these ideas already have existing Product Feedback threads that are already being tracked by the team. While this is a good summary, duplicate posts can be confusing as it means more threads for us to keep up with, and disperses the conversation and votes by other users. 

    It's more straightforward to tackle one idea/request in a given thread, rather than several at once, so I have added some links to each of the relevant threads so you can upvote and comment on those. Or, if you prefer, you can add your feedback to this thread.

    Thanks again for your participation and comments; we look forward to seeing you around the community further. 


  • Stephen Belleau
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    These are highly desirable feature improvements, well said Jose! I think #1/2/5 are the most important for our own business, but definitely would be nice to have more options in #3/4 as well.

  • Chris Duncan
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    Great post, hopefully the feedback will garner results.  Especially ringing a group of available agents at once.


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