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  • Anil Kumar (Community Member)

    Hello Chris,

    Help me to understand your actual requirement. So basically you want to show options (Mr, Mrs and so on...) in different languages, right? If yes, then you should read about Dynamic Content feature of Zendesk. Its provide you a way to define a text in multi-language.

    Hope it helps.

  • Chris Gunton

    Hi Anil,

    Thanks for the suggestion, however the issue is that for English, we have

    • Mr
    • Mrs
    • Miss
    • Ms
    • Dr.
    • Rev

    But for French we only have

    • M.
    • Mme
    • Mille

    The dynamic content works fine if there is always an equivalent for all languages, which in this case there is not.


  • Anil Kumar (Community Member)

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for clearing up things. I'm afraid that there is no such easy way to achieve that. This would be very tricky and required some JS Customization with fields in Help Center form as Zendesk doesn't provide such feature( Dynamic dropdown options according to end-user's language).

    Other than JS Customization you can check following options as well, hope it will work for you...

    1. You can collect all of the unique titles in one field and let end-user select as per their language. But in this case, extra titles would be always there.
    2. "Nested options in drop-down" feature. You can categorize all of the titles on the basis of each language. So the user will select first the language and the respective title.

    Anil Kumar

  • Abdul Qabiz

    @Chris: I have raised a issue where default variant doesn't work for all other languages; had it worked, you could have had only two variants (en-us, fr); for all other languages en-us should have become default, and in case of french, fr variant should have been used.

    I believe this is a bug, and I appreciate if you can add your concern as comment here.

    Expected Behaviour: The default variant should work as fallback if language-variant for a dynamic-content placeholder exists.

    Actual Behaviour: Dynamic Content in help-center templates doesn't fallback on default variant, hence we have to either duplicate same content (such as Title iny our case) for all languages, or not use Dynamic Content.

    There are different workarounds (javascript to modify form when it loads; conditional field app to show hide different title fields based for each language -- might require js, etc.).

    I feel, Zendesk should fix Dynamic Content behaviour so we don't have to do these workarounds which not only take time but also don't gurantee to work all the time (short term or long term).

    Thank you




    Abdul Qabiz
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  • Abdul Qabiz


    We have figured out that Dynamic Content's default variant works for all languages in case variants for those languages don't exist. We always thought it default variant doesn't work as fallback because it doesn't in theme preview mode when we are editing template and previewing it in theming center.

    That's good news, but I feel bad for wasting so many hours on workarounds.

    I think, you can now use Dynamic Content for the case here.


    Thank you


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