Re-organize Zendesk's internal product feedback and this Product Feedback submission method


  • Ben

    Hi Stephen,

    You are right! No one likes repeating themselves (especially me!). Let me offer my sincere apology for the experience. 

    Our approach here is ripe for a more streamlined and effortless approach. As the project sponsor for Voice of Customer at Zendesk, I am happy to report that we are working with maximum priority on improving exactly this experience.

    More to come soon. For now, please know you are heard and that we are on it!


  • Rai

    Bumping this post since it's still 100% relevant even 1 year out. I have feedback and the community post says "Search for your feedback" and every time I get re-directed to a not-relevant support article. 

    Not sure if things have changed but would highly recommend a better search mechanism to get us to the right place

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Rai - 

    After performing a search, you can then filter the results. First click on "Community" and then select the product feedback topic for the product you would like to provide feedback on: 



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