Slow saving of ticket updates


  • Maggie St. Clair

    Ha, I was just complaining to one of my co-workers about this a few minutes ago. I've been noticing it for about a month now. 

  • Tobias Hermanns

    Yes, me too, i´ve also open a Ticket by Zendesk regarding Latency Issues.


    We always feel Bulk Updates / Delete or Submit / Save progress takes longer time.

    Good that we´re now alone here.



  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi all - 

    Which browser(s) are you using? Also, have you tried using a different browser from your primary one and seen the same problem? 

  • Tobias Hermanns

    Firefox 59.0.2 (64-bit) without Add-Ons.


    Best Regards,



  • Jiri Fait

    Hi, in these cases it is recommended to do the basic browser cleanup (delete cookies and cache), this usually helps to fix similar problems.

  • Tobias Hermanns

    Didn´t work for me.



  • Maggie St. Clair

    I am using Chrome but have also tried Edge with similar results. I clear my cache almost daily so that has no solved the issue. 

  • Josiah Liesemer

    All my customer solutions teams have been complaining about slower processes with saving and pulling up tickets within Zendesk for the last month or two as well. Using chrome os and chrome browsers for most of our terminals but also Windows 10 on and off sight, we've wiped chrome boxes, cleared cache, and tried different browsers to no avail. We're running off a fibre back bone on site and to our ISP with a steady 100 Mbps, can't seem to figure out why the speed has shifted

  • Daniela Catarino

    Same here, our teams have been complaining of Zendesk being much slower recently.

    We've tried cleaning cookies, different browsers, less tabs open, nothing seems to work. This has created problems such as:

    • They're writing something and they need to wait some seconds for the text to appear;
    • Really slow saving an update to a ticket;
    • If they receive a call while a ticket is updating, it won't allow them to pick up the call.

    I need to run some tests with the agents and send to Zendesk, but seeing that other Zendesk customers are complaining about this, it seems odd to me that they don't seem to have any explanation for this, surely something was changed...

  • Tobias Hermanns

    Hi Daniela,


    can you send me a list which APP you use? I want to compare if some apps may similar to our and may cause this slowness..


    • They're writing something and they need to wait some seconds for the text to appear;

    Exactly this I also report last time, but it didn´t happen always, but sometimes you´re typing and then stop typing and you can wait 3-5 seconds before text appear, same test in notepad = no issue





  • Daniela Catarino

    Hi Tobias,

    Yes, I've also wondered if it might have something to do with the APPs, especially since they made changes to these back in March, which is when we started noticing the slowness...

    We currently have the following apps enabled:

    • Linked Ticket
    • Conditional Fields
    • Quickie
    • Field Manager (private app)
    • Knowledge Capture
    • New Voice Media (private app)

    Hope this helps!

  • Tobias Hermanns

    Hi Daniela,

    • Conditional Fields
    • Quickie
    • Knowledge Capture v2

    This are the same Apps we´re using.

    I think (personally) Conditional Fields can make some issue, we´ve 10-15 rules here per Form.

    If you load a ticket (before it´s hiding the fields) it takes some seconds.

    Zendesk Support thought, Round Robin, Process Manager .. can cause issue, but your Team didn´t use such Apps.

    I really hope, that someone will look into general speed here.


  • Ole J

    Would like to chime in. This has been an issue for at least 6 months. When you keep your browser running for several days the scripts on the page start slowing the client down. I concur that it has gotten slightly worse recently. The issue is not new though.

    I solve it every day by killing the browser and restarting it.

    It is literally freezing my browser while saving the changes (communicating with the API?). IIRC the issue started appearing when the last major redesign was pushed, or maybe when the revamped editor was launched. Not sure any longer. Probably that's more than 6 months ago though...

    It is very clearly the client-side scripts that get slower and slower the longer the support page is open.

    I've tested across Windows 10 and MacOs in Chrome and Safari and use it on a daily basis in Safari on MacOs.
    I've disabled ALL apps except for "5 most recent" and "Answer suggestion" which are quite vital to an efficient flow.
    We have no conditional fields.

    Open ZenDesk in a browser tab and keep it running for days. Do regular support work by answering tickets. On day 2 it is clearly evident. In rare cases a full day might require killing the client-side scripts (zendesk tab/window in browser).

    Upon clicking "submit as pending" a small notification pops up about "ticket updated" and this is where it hangs upwards of 30 seconds. On rare occasions it may even hang endlessly necessitating a browser restart.
    And when typing there's a delay.

    I've been looking at throwing hardware at this but it doesn't seem like that would solve it.

  • Crosby Loggins

    This is becoming a major issue for us as well, and my whole team notices it over recent months.  Several of us are spread out all over California, so it is not location / ISP specific.  

    Most of us use Chrome under macOS, but also under Win 10, and some use Firefox as well...

    Going to open a ticket with ZD...

  • Dan Kondzela
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Thanks for reaching out Ole and Crosby.

    I appreciate the extensive troubleshooting and ample context in your issue descriptions. As I understand it, the issues seem to resolve after your reset your browser? In this particular instance, and with the context you have provided, it sounds as though you may be dealing with caching errors. Can you confirm this by, rather than killing the browser, clearing the cache and see if the performance remains affected?


  • Ole J

    Hi Dan,

    I tried clearing the cache of Safari today once things started getting slow. I was asked to re-login in the tab afterwards. It did not resolve anything unfortunately.

    It hangs for a long time while showing the "Ticket x has been updated". After it is done hanging and I click another ticket in the list it also takes it quite a while to load the whole thing.

    Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help investigate the issue.

    You are of course more than welcome to contact me directly as well.

  • David Tran

    I've been having the same issue starting 1-2 months ago. Sometimes tickets would just take a very long time to update. I asked my co-workers and they said they had no issues. I've been using Chrome. I've tried Firefox, but it runs slow when I type into the message box. That's another issue entirely that I won't get into.

    I've noticed when during the delay, the viewport is unresponsive. I can change tabs and do other things, but trying to click things within the tab for Zendesk itself does nothing. It's almost like the browser freezes because it's too busy processing things, but it only applies to this tab. The browser itself still functions and I can switch tabs and get other work done.

    I also notice when I have the developer tools open in an attempt to try to figure what is causing the slowness, Zendesk runs just fine. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but it's really odd.

  • Trent Upton

    We've been experiencing severe slowness too. Multiple browsers (Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Safari) and multiple OS(macOS and Windows 10).

    Our installed apps:

    • Conditional Fields (which I think is the culprit, we have multiple rule set up.)
    • User Data
    • Chat
    • Quickie
    • Time Tracking
    • Pathfinder
    • Tasks
    • Knowledge Capture
    • Tables
    • Survey
    • Agent Ticket Counts
    • Split N Close
    • Slack

    Our slowness/degradation didn't start happening until about 6 weeks ago. All the apps were deployed 6 months ago and we haven't made any major changes. Not sure what we can do to fix this but accessing tickets has been painful and slow.


  • Trent Upton

    Also to add to my above post - we've reset browsers (back to default) multiple times, reboot computers daily, and have even wiped a couple of our PCs and started from scratch. This has had no impact or improvement.

  • Arjun Mahadeva

    I've been noticing this (or a similar) issue as well. It prevents access to any other functions on Zendesk and the whole page has it's transparency turned up (or "greyed out").

    I'm using Google Chrome Version 67.0.3396.87 (Official Build) (64-bit).  Clearing browser "Cached images and files" seems to have (temporarily?) resolved the issue. 

    The issue is not immediately apparent on Firefox 60.0.2 (64-bit) - likely due to not having cached content.

    This was not an apparent issue a few months ago (I can't recall exactly when it started occurring).  I don't believe clearing browser cache should be necessary to alleviate the symptoms periodically.  Might there be a root cause to this? 

    We do not have any Zendesk apps enabled at the moment.

    I will continue to test, but just wanted to add my account of this issue here. 

    Thank you,

  • Lee KB

    Also noticed this problem in the last few months. So far no solution but I find that a second after updating the ticket, just hitting ctrl+alt+j brings me quickly to the next ticket with no apparent ill effects. 

  • Joshua Curtner

    This has been an issue for us for at least a few months, too. 


    • Saving a ticket causes Zendesk to freeze for several seconds


    • We reboot computers daily (rebooting does not help)
    • We fully clear cache several times a day (clearing cache does not help)
    • Same experience running browsers in private sessions (Incognito, InPrivate, etc.)
    • This occurs at any time throughout the day
    • No other applications or websites suffer from this problem, only Zendesk


    • Windows 10


    • Chrome (addons: LastPass, Cisco WebEx Extension)
    • Firefox (no addons)
    • IE (no addons)
    • Edge (no addons)
  • Laura


    Same here! By the time the ticket is updated I could have answered 2-3 more.

    Have tried in Chrome and Firefox (latest updates installed), with different internet connections, but no change.

    There are moments of the day where it goes better, but it seems really randomly.

    Thanks for considering,

  • Gaëtan Tobie-Echeverria


    not exactly the same behavior but we experience slowness on the dashboard. It loads slowly and sometimes can take a while to update.

    I have also try a different browser, I have try the private mode on chrome and firefox and also clear all storageand last but not least I have also start from scratch with no cookies, caches and what so ever. No changes, even worst.

    Hhave you noticed the Get liek this the time it takes in the network  ? what are those queries ? 

  • Tony Arnold

    I've been seeing this for the past few weeks in Safari - things run fine until I view an individual ticket, then all interactions with the page slow down to a point where it's unusable. Text entry lags multiple seconds behind my typing, clicks aren't recognised - the whole site becomes unusable. 

    Resetting cookies, etc does nothing. Did anyone ever work out why this was happening? I'm getting really frustrated here.

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Tony,

    Are you able to replicate this with another browser such as Google Chrome? If this is a reoccurring issue then I would recommend sending a ticket to so our Customer Advocacy team can dig into this further. It would also be helpful if you had a HAR file they could look at when you attempt to update the ticket: Generating a HAR file for troubleshooting

    I hope this helps!

  • Max Hewett

    I've had the same issue as Tony - yet I've raised a support ticket with Zendesk who have escalated it to T2 then decided not to provide any updates at all for a week.

    I've tried every OS/browser combination, I've even tried signing in to our zendesk on a brand new machine with nothing else on it - no dice.

    It slows down to the point where I have to resort to using the iOS app or killing my browser after every ticket update.


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