Clients edit their email in the Web widget when submitting a ticket & then can't see that ticket



  • Dan Kondzela
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    Thanks for your question! It's a good one.I will let you know off the bat that no, making this a read-only field is not possible.

    Now for the defense of this feature, which I would love to hear your thoughts on! 

    If a client of yours is using the Web Widget to submit tickets, that field is going to be the only method we have of ascertaining their contact information. We expect end-users to submit an email address that they have access to, and will regularly check. It's meant more as a method of being open and flexible to customers.

    Now, I would like to hear your use case as to making it non-editable. Do you have an SSO solution in place where end-users already have an email address attributed to them within your system? Do you have other restrictions where only certain emails are authorized to create tickets?


  • Amanda Gunn
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    Hi Dan!

    Yes, we have a SSO solution where end users are logged in to our system and then from our system they enter in their tickets for help and it is also how they access the help desk center to see their tickets later -- they do no direct logging in to Zendesk. 

    We have their email address entered in our system and it is important that that email is the one they use to submit tickets and not change because if they do, the SSO between their tickets and the help center is disconnected; they cannot access their ticket because they changed it in the web widget to a different one than the one used to SSO. We need the email address in our web widget to stay read only for our users so we do not have this issue.



  • Beth Burris
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    Hello - I agree with the above comments.  We have a SSO solution where end users do not directly log into Zendesk, but instead are logged in via a link in our platform.  If they have multiple email addresses, and are able to submit tickets from an email address other than the one that is associated with their account in our system, they are unable to ever see those tickets or any follow up responses once submitted. For this reason it is critical that that the email address in our system is the one that they use to submit tickets and that they are subsequently unable to change it. We need the email address in our web widget to pre-populate as a read-only field so that we can avoid this issue.

  • Jessie Schutz
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    Hi Beth! Welcome to the Community! 

    Thanks for sharing your feedback on this. I'll be sure to pass it along.


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