Telling Answer Bot which articles should be recommended



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    Mike Mortimer

    Hi Mary, as we continually rebuild the underlying model that powers Answer Bot, all tickets that are solved and have an article referenced, are used to help train the model. So you don't need to take explicit action to help train AB, rather it'll learn automatically, just by you continuing to insert and link to articles when solving tickets :)

    And in terms of creating new articles that Answer Bot that then use instead, well Answer Bot already does that too! If you create the article it'll immediately get picked up by Answer Bot and, provided it's more related / relevant that what was previously being suggested, it'll start suggesting that article instead

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Mary - 

    Moving this over to Product Feedback. 

  • Mary Paez


    What I am asking is that right when you create the article and add to the ticket as the solution, how would Answer Bot know it is correct if you don't specifically tell it at that time?  Is there a way to add the article to tell it here is the answer?


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