Setting up a single point of contact on Zendesk



  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    I believe that you will have to create multiple triggers to achieve this. If you have many agents and a high turnover of agents, it may be high maintenance.

    First create a new custom drop down field 'Default Assign to Agent'.. You can do this at the user or organisation level. Populate your custom field with all your agents as field values.

    You need one trigger per agent to set the default agent against each user.

    ALL Conditions

    • Assignee is Agent 1
    • Default Assign to Agent is not present


    • Default Assign to Agent > Agent 1

    You need one trigger per agent to assign new incoming tickets to the default agent.

    ALL Conditions

    • Ticket is Created
    • Assignee is blank
    • Default Assign to Agent is Agent 1


    • Assignee > Agent 1
  • Pierre Sanchez

    Hi Graeme,

    Thanks for your answer ! I was hoping to find a cleaner way than this, but apparently this is the only possibility. I believe that'd definitely be an interesting feature or app ;)

  • Brian Scavullo

    Hey @Pierre,

    Yeah, I agree with you. Unfortunately, the way Graeme mentioned is what I had to do too.
    It does take a bit longer to do, but once you get it done for one agent, you can clone it and it's easier to adjust for another agent.

    Have a nice weekend! ;)



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