Custom Metric Cannot be a Headline Report but Can be Part of a Table


  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    There are a few changes to the metrics that may help.

    When counting tickets, it helps to give the context of where to count. So instead of:

    •    COUNT (Ticket ID)

    In this case, because we are looking at events, use:

    • COUNT (Ticket ID, Ticket Text Field Change)

    Change your two custom metrics for # First Replies to start with that version of count.

    For your % SLA Achieved metric, change to:

    • SELECT SUM (# First Replies Under 61 Minutes - Urgent & High Priority) / SUM (# First Replies - Urgent & High Priority)


  • Travis Abdelhamed


    Thanks for the reply. So I tried doing that, but when I did, it just calculated 100% for the % SLA Achieved since it did not factor in the 0% that I was taking into consideration when using IFNULL.


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