Assign ticket to group based on incoming e-mail address



  • Abdul Qabiz
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    Hi Paul

    Yes, that’s pretty straight forward and supported use-case. Please look at triggers; you need to create two triggers and select email-I’d in conditions, and assigning to group in actions.

    I am on mobile device otherwise I would have shared screenshots. Please let me know if you can’t figure out, I will help you out.

    Thank you
    Abdul Qabiz
    Team Diziana

  • Paul Suh
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    I was already looking at triggers, but the condition name that I need to use in this case was not very clear. I would suggest changing "Received at" to "Receiving e-mail address". Also, the only possible rule is "Is". While it is possible to work around this, it would be logical and clearer if "Is not" were an additional rule option. 


  • Nicole - Community Manager
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    Thanks for that feedback, Paul. 


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