What are Management Permissions?



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    Tom Krajan

    A few suggestions for future consideration:

    1. Create some more granular permission levels. The Edit permission level is very broad in its ability for agents to both create and edit existing content.

    2. In addition to assigning permission by user segment, enable the ability to add users on an individual basis. 


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    Mark Martin

    Why not extend the Custom Permission Groups to Categories too? My frustration is about not being able to control access to Categories. I have (WANT to have) completely different collections and control access by customer context, call it "Enterprise" and "Trial". I can't do it by Section because then I have no way to structure the content below that - I can't nest sections. Coming from an Enterprise Document Management, background I am very surprised at the lack of effective content access control available inside KBs in general. 

    Another suggestion: a way to test permissions. Combining roles, segments, permissions and assigning to content with no way to test that what you wanted to do is actually working the way you wanted it to work is a risk we should not have to take. 

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    Bogdan Andrei Sturzoiu

    Hi Mark,

    we are soon launching a beta that will go the opposite way - the access (view) permissions will be on article level for a better granularity.

    We're also planning to add nested sections in the near future.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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