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  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator

    Hi Christopher, 

    It is possible that emails can be delayed into Zendesk.  In most cases, I haven't seem much of a delay, but if you have relays between your customers and your Zendesk that check for spam or otherwise, it could delay the delivery of a ticket.  The checks you did seem appropriate to validate if the issue is on your side, it is possible that something could be going on at Zendesk as well.  Checking https://status.zendesk.com allows you to see if they are tracking any issues at the moment.  Right now it appears that Pod 9 is having some challenges, although email is not called out. 

    If you have ticket restrictions on your user roles, the email may have been received and in a group that isn't monitored.  It's worth checking to see if that's a factor as well.  Or if you have multiple people triaging your suspended tickets, they could possibly have recovered that ticket from suspended tickets early, or even better yet, maybe someone solved the ticket! I suspect you've checked most of these already, but I figured it doesn't hurt to ask just in case. 

    Hopefully something here helps.  I feel your pain as I've had to do some similar deep diving myself. If this doesn't help, the Zendesk Support team has been very helpful in digging into the logs to figure out what is wrong. I'd recommend sending a ticket up if you still have challenges. 


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