Linking an Organization to specific KB Articles when a ticket is opened (for internal support agents).


  • Kids World Denmark
    Community Moderator

    Hi Mario

    I can certainly see the use for your question - But i can't see any way this can be accomplished the way KCA works today. One way Zendesk could implement this is to have the KCA app search for specific tags on a ticket (you could add tags to the organisation like kca_customerA and have the same labels in Zendesk Guide to help populate the KCA app in Zendesk).

    I will highly recommend you to create a topic in the Product Feedback Forum - Let me know when you have and i'll support your suggestion!

  • Molly
    Zendesk Customer Success

    Hi Mario,

    Thanks for reaching out! So unfortunately Carsten is right, there really isn't a way to have the KCS app automatically search for articles tagged for that Organization, as it can only search the subject line by default. You can do a manual search in the app and article labels do carry relevance for that. More about that search process is outlined here.

    Another option is the Multibrand product which allows you to narrow the scope of your search by the brand. If you set up business rules to assign tickets to a certain brand by organization, then the app would search within that brand's knowledge base by default.


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