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  • Bryan - Community Manager
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    Hi Pablo -- I'm moving this to the Q&A section. For future REST API or developer questions, please go to develop.zendesk.com -- we moved the developer community there to create more focus.

    As to your question...

    We have what's called Talk Partner Edition, which allows CTI providers to integrate with Zendesk. It has its own set of REST APIs that the CTI integration would communicate with. The idea behind the API is to allow CTI providers to route incoming calls to Zendesk and manage ticket creation.

    If you go to the Zendesk apps marketplace (www.zendesk.com/apps) you can see a number of already built CTI integrations.

    If your needs are simpler and you just need to call an external API from inside your agent interface, the option of creating an Apps framework app and making the external call from it may be an option. See these links for more information on the Zendesk Apps framework and making network calls:

    Zendesk app quick start

    Working with requests

    Zendesk Apps Framework

    Hope this points you in the right direction!

  • Andrew J
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    Just want to point out that 'agent' is not a product - the product you are referring to is 'Zendesk Support' I presume.

  • Dinesh Korgaokar
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    you can explore the extensions option to create target. this target can call 3rd party URL. you can invoke this target from triggers.




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